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Every farmer looks for information before making decisions.


But finding hyperlocal and real time information is tough for most of them.


Bolbhav is an AI based WhatsApp 
chatbot that enables farmers in India
to access timely, contextual, consistent and
credible information  before they make decisions.

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250,000 +




35,000 +

Feedback collected

10 million +

Queries answered


 At Bolbhav, we are on a mission
to fully democratise data 
for the farmers. 
We believe that the impact lies in converting
data into better decisions and hence we work on five attributes of data. 


Collect missing data 

We deploy multiple strategies like crowd-sourcing price information from farmers and advocating with the government for better quality price data.


Improve data accessibility 

We build solutions for platforms like WhatsApp and feature phones to meet farmers where they are and serve across socio-economic statuses. 


Improve comprehension of data 

We convert data it into byte sizes and colloquial language to ensure that it can be understood by most people on literacy continuum.


Making data actionable

We contextualise data at the user level to make it relevant and actionable for the farmers.


Create a feedback loop

We build feedback system that enables farmers to echo their data needs and improve the quality of data. 


Bolbhav is

designed to have

impact at scale

Hence, we have developed solutions for both businesses and government.

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Bolbhav's APIs
for B

In India, countless Android and web applications provide mandi crop price information, primarily sourcing data from public databases for crop prices.  Unfortunately, this public database frequently contain incomplete or outdated information, limiting their effectiveness for farmers. Bolbhav collects the missing data and make it available to other businesses through APIs.

Open-source Bolbhav
for G

WhatsApp chatbots can enable governments to answer farmers' queries at a large scale. However, setting up the required tech stack, including NLU, WhatsApp business APIs, and backend infrastructure can be an overwhelming overhead for a government, especially at the district and local levels. The bolbhav architecture is open source, in order to help governments quickly provide WhatsApp services to farmers.

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